Rules of Conduct


In order to ensure everyone who attends the  Western Canadian Meet can enjoy themselves we are asking all  participants to agree to a standard of conduct while on the Brian King  Centre site. The following rules of conduct will apply through out the  event.

The Saskatoon Fifty 567 Club are hereby called  "Event Organizer". The Saskatoon club members are hereby called "Event  Committee" and/or "Host". The event title called “The Western Canadian  Meet” and/or "The Event". The Brian King Centre called “Event Grounds”.

The  Event Committee reserves the right to control all aspects of conduct of  registered participants for the duration of this event at any and all  properties used for This Event, including organized tours, supplied  transportation etc. The Committee may at their discretion request  adherence to the guidelines outlined or in the unfortunate event require  a participant to leave The Event with their vehicle. In that event  there will be be no refund of registration moneys.

Guidelines: No excessive noise, stunting, open headers, tire spinning, boom boxes, sound systems, objectionable behavior.

No motorized scooters, mini bikes, bicycles, unregistered replica mini  vehicles, or unregistered golf carts or any other type of motorized  transportation except for handicapped persons.