Fifty 567 Western Canadian Meet 2019

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There  are two outstanding members that are no longer with us today. They have  had to turn in their keys to life as we know it. The two members are  Ian McDonald and Kelvin Polonich. Both instrumental in the early startup  stages of the club. Ian and Kelvin had somewhat different roles and  particiapation as you would find with any other club. 

Ian  Mcdonald was known for being the club president and magazine editor for  the nearly entire time of the club. He and his wife Annie ran the club  office from their home. Many can remember Ian in very special way that  has made such an impact to our club members. Ian was remembered best for  his iconic green 55 with the white stripe down the driver's side of the  vehcile, along with his orange Nomad.

Kelvin Polonich was a  promoter and volunteer of the club. He was instrumental in providing  many sevice hours for the club. He hosted meetings and events at his  home and businesss. He was great promoter at many other car club events  promoting our own club.  A true enthusiast with over twenty 567 vehicles  over the years.  

Mike Zarbolias - Wrecking Yard Missoula Montanta

Mike Zarbolias - Wrecking Yard Missoula Montanta